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All Things Just Keep Getting Better!

Alright people! It's time for the unveiling! *QE boys are standing in a corner* TADA! *door opens and in walks the new and still rather cranky Severus*

K: ...o.O Whoa.

*Severus has his hair (now washed and shiny looking) tied back in a ponytail at the nape of his neck. He's wearing a crisp button down white shirt with collar, which is tucked into form fitting black dockers with matching leather belt. He is also wearing a microfiber black coat that comes down to his knees. To finish the outfit off, he's wearing black socks and a pair of Sketchers classix*

K: You guys are good. *still staring*

Carson: I know, isn't he awesome?!

K: Yeah. And even after trying to kill you a bazillion times too.

Sev: *glareglare* Where are my robes?

Carson: Those old things? I gave them to Goodwill.

Sev: ....

K: Uh-oh. *grabs QE boys and runs out of the room*
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