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I: ::wanders into the classroom carrying her mochacino and taking a drag off her clove:: Alright kids. Sit down sit down... this isn't kindergarten ::looks at the class and goes to look at the sign on the door before slam it shut:: yep... for a second i forgot that this isn't kindergarten....though it feels more like daycare most days anyway.::sighs and puts her clove out on the desk::

He: Ma'am? isn't that desk school property?

I: ... yes?

He: But-

I: I see you three are still fuming about your potions lesson. Now do yourselves a favor, sit down and shut up or i'll give you a REAL reason to be fuming.

Crabbe and Goyle: * giggle smirk!*

I: Don't think you're excluded Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum..

Crabbe and Goyle: ::sink lower in their seats::

I: Now I'm going to give you a real life lesson in deadlines and finals. Your idea of final exams is extremely skewed due to the intervention of evil and all that rot so today I'll give you a real idea of what real exams are like. :: taps her wand on her table and a piece of parchment and a crayon appears on each desk::

M: Heh, got a silver one THIS time.

I: :: turns his crayon neon pink.::

M: ::pouts::

I: You will start your exam with an essay on- YES MISS GRANGER? I hope you have a burning good reason to interrupt me...

He: we haven't studied anything this semester.

I: So? you never study anything ANY semester... anyway your exam is on the metaphysics of donuts. I want two feet. you have half an hour and then we move on to the next section.

Class: ::grumbles and squirms::

I: Well? what are you waiting for? The intervention of the dark lord? ok lets wait.


I: Potter, you dying yet?

P: ummmm no ma'am.

I: Too bad for your classmates then. it's time to start. now. ::looks at the class:: well go! ::sits down at her desk then gets distracted by a shiny object, catches it and tosses it in the wastebasket:: nice try neville. no remembralls during finals...

:: the class starts writing::

I: sweet blessed silence....
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