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Queer Eye for the.... who?!

*reading book as class takes their seats*
K: Alright, settle down class.
He: *raises hand* Um, Professor? Who are those men at the back of the room?
K: *puts book down* If you must know, they are the men from the hit Bravo show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and they are doing a very special show here for one of your professors. But don't tell him. It's a surprise. *grin*
Class: *blinks*
He: Yo-you don't mean...Prof. Snape...
K: The one and only.
Queer Eye Guys: *walks around classroom*
Carson: *squeals* Oh my god! Look at this one! *points to Draco* Look at this hair and his clothes! My god, this one has to be gay!
D: *blinkblink* What?!
K: *falls over laughing*
Kyan: *points to Harry* This one is cute too...but his hair. Can we play with some of the boys before getting down to business with this Snape?
K: *still on floor laughing* Cla-class dismissed except the boys! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
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