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After class activities

Alright class, settle down. Before you leave class, I have an announcement to make. As many of you know tomorrow is Halloween. Since you all are learning about muggles, I thought that it might be an interesting experience to take you all along with me, especially since I was going out myself anyway. I plan to talk to Professor Arisman about this since she is the muggles studies teacher and asking for her help as well. We might do some trick or treating, go to a haunted house perhaps, the usual muggle thing. The only thing that you have to put together your own costume. No magic! Prof. Arisman and I will know if you've used magic on it, and if we catch you...well, let's just say you won't have a costume much longer. I'm planning a trip to Wal-mart tonight, so you are all invited to come with me and collect any materials you might need. If the costumes are original enough, I might give a prize to the best one. Alright, that is all. You're dismissed. *pulls out a clove from the desk drawer and looks around for a lighter*
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