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::enters classroom, grey and white tabby in tow::
::sits down, glares at class and sets the cat down::
::as the cat moves among the students, they see the back half of him has been shaved::
CIS: Today, we are going to learn how to break down a potion into its most basic see what it's made of.
We'll start with something easy.
I won't tell you what it is until you all have made a guess as to what's in it.
Instructions are on the board. Come up to the desk to get your vial of potion.

RW: Bloody 'ell, that cat's ass is bald! He looks like a bloody baboon!
HG: Ron, I wouldn't say that...
RW: But he does! Just look at him! What...what is he doing?

*the cat stops by rons desk, starts sniffing his shoe. Apparently he decides something because he very deliberately turns around, and pees all over it.*

RW: WTF?!? My SHOE!!!
CIS: Ron, shut up. Not like it was nice anyway
RW: but it was my shoe!
CIS: You shouldn't have insulted him. 20 points from gryffindor for emotionally damaging a professer's cat.
RW: WHAT?!? He's NOT emotionally...whatever! He's a CAT!
CIS: 20 more points for backtalk!
HG: *claps hand over Ron's mouth to make him shut up* He's very sorry professer.
CIS: *sniff*

DM: *whispers* baboon butt!
CIS: *turns draco into a ferret* Lucius...go get him.
Continue on with your work, class.
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