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*raps wand on desk three times*

*class falls silent as pink sparks shoot out the end, fizzle, and die*
I know it's been a while since our last lesson.
I don't care.
Directions for this class are on the board.
Dean Thomas: (raising his hand) Professer, why were you subbing for divination?
CIS: because Trelawny had an episode, no doubt caused by you brats, and has been incapacitated for a while.
DT: oh.
CIS: (pointing wand at a giggling Ron, Harry, and Hermione) SILENCIO!
HP, RW, HG: ...
CIS: *big grin* class should be a bit nicer today.
although since our dear Severus is still being tormented by those crazy Queer men, I shall have to teach the full class. Crabbe! That means you...NO SNORING IN MY CLASS!
*Draco nudges Crabbe, who snorts, then looks up at CIS sleepily*
As i thought.
You all are to be reviewing the steps involved in brewing Poly Juice Potion.
There is to be no potion making today.
no wand waving.
CIS: *absentmindedly strokes the slutty tabby cat next to her* Lucius, dear, why are you being so sweet?
LM2E: mrowr?
*all of a sudden, an owl swoops in, clutching a note*
CIS: hmm...*takes note and reads* it's from Sevy...'Help, these guys are bloody LINT ROLLER!!' Lint...*blink* uh oh.
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